My Experience of COVID: BA.5

I will be numbering the days in the same way the CDC does. Day 0 is the first day of symptoms. Labs in the USA do not tell you what strain you have, but when I got sick, the dominant strain was (Omicron) BA.5. I have had three doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Housemate 1… Continue Reading My Experience of COVID: BA.5

Episode 44: Running Giraffe, Thumbs

COVIDHoliday Family VisitsTravelOCDDermatillomania CW – compulsive skin picking, self-harm BrontosaurusAnkylosaurus is the bestAggressive secularismNFT scamsRomance scamsCryptoRomColorsOrgansColors of organsVestigial organsDating simsMonster girls Episode 48: If I Had a Brontosaurus, Colors–Shel We Read a Poem? BrontosaurusAnkylosaurus is the bestAggressive secularism NFT scamsRomance scamsCryptoRomColorsOrgansColors of organsVestigial organs Dating simsMonster girlsTranscript for this episode: Player00:0023:18Use Up/Down Arrow keys… Continue Reading Episode 44: Running Giraffe, Thumbs