Shel We Read a Poem

Russ and Lauren read through Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends and what the poems mean to aging Millennials during a pandemic.


Headshot of Russ Tribble

Russ Tribble

Russ Tribble is a good ol’ nerdy Dallas boy now living in Vancouver, BC. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing for no good reason at all and currently works as a multimedia designer for an educational software company.

Russ moonlights as the co-host of two podcasts—Shel We Read a Poem, and Hey James, Watch This!

Lauren Hudgins

Lauren Hudgins earned her MA in Publishing and her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Portland State University in 2014. Living car-free, she bikes about the gloom of the rainy Pacific Northwest to keep her endorphins flowing. Unlike Russ, this is the only podcast she started during the pandemic.

Episode 101: Buckin' Bronco, Exercisin' Hen Shel We Read a Poem?

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  1. Episode 101: Buckin' Bronco, Exercisin' Hen
  2. Episode 100: Picture Puzzle Piece, Squishy Touch
  3. Episode 99: Longmobile, Anteater
  4. Episode 98: Messy Room, Rhino Pen
  5. Episode 97: The Missing Piece
  6. Episode 96: The Little Boy and the Old Man, God's Wheel
  7. Episode 95: Shaking, Peckin'
  8. Episode 94: The Lost Cat, Gooloo
  9. Episode 93: How To Make a Swing with No Rope or Board or Nails, Wavy Hair
  10. Episode 92: Examination, Memorizin' Mo
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