My Experience of COVID: BA.5

I will be numbering the days in the same way the CDC does. Day 0 is the first day of symptoms. Labs in the USA do not tell you what strain you have, but when I got sick, the dominant strain was (Omicron) BA.5. I have had three doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Housemate 1… Continue Reading My Experience of COVID: BA.5

Protect Portland’s Eyes and Brains

A federal agent shot a protester in Portland in the head with a projectile and the protester needs reconstruction surgery. I’m collecting your old goggles and helmets for equitable distribution to protesters by Rosehip Medic Collective and Portland Action Medics. I’m seeking goggles and helmets of many kinds including: ski goggles swimming goggles safety goggles bike… Continue Reading Protect Portland’s Eyes and Brains

Cnoc Outdoors and representation in video

I’m proud to be part the Cnoc Outdoors Kickstarter campaign, which includes trans and nonbinary adventurers as models for outdoors gear. And to be involved in a company that is looking for solutions better than disposable products.


When I was a teenager, I was in love with an Irish boy I met at a summer camp. He sent me beautiful love letters. He told me Tilt by Scott Walker was amazing. I bought the albums he recommended. I bought the Tilt CD. I convinced myself I liked it. I wanted to have… Continue Reading Tilt

My advice on breakups on Mashable

And Lauren Hudgins, a digital strategist, has a similar rule. She copies and archives everything relationship-related that’s on her phone, and stores it in a place she doesn’t frequently look. “Delete from all places you usually look,” she advises. From “Wiping your ex from your phone is now an important breakup ritual” on Mashable

Orcas Island Lit Fest

I’m planning to volunteer for the Orcas Lit Fest on Orcas Island the weekend of April 13-15, 2018. The festival aims to “bring together people who love to read books with respected authors, poets, and editors for a dynamic series of panel discussions, writing workshops, and a ‘Lit Crawl’ around the Eastsound village.” I’m excited… Continue Reading Orcas Island Lit Fest

Mysterious Stinkhorn Growing on a Tree

On 11/19/17 my sister, Jess Hudgins, was hiking in Cook Forest State Park when she found a stinkhorn growing on a tree at the junction of Tom’s Run Road and Brown’s Run. Thinking the stinkhorn looked particularly phallic growing from an upright tree, she snapped a couple unfocused pictures to send to me. I cannot… Continue Reading Mysterious Stinkhorn Growing on a Tree