Eulogy For a Spent Pen

photo of blank planner with pen on top. cherry blossoms added to foreground.

I wrote this poem some during the time when glitter pens and milky gel pens were popular. So early aughts at the latest. I believe they might be having a comeback, so maybe this poem is relevant again.

Eulogy for a Spent Pen

Beloved companions:
My fingers and my eyes,
We are gathered here
Where he lies
After the unfortunate
(But inevitable) demise
Of this favorite pen.

Beloved companions:
My fingers and my eyes,
You may blame me
And think me unwise
To so carelessly overuse
My writing supplies
Causing the death of this pen.

But think of the splendor before a favorite pen dies.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the ink
The gentle milky streaks
and the glitter pens with sleek
Shiny strokes
Or just the smooth, solid
blue or black of a pen that really means it.
Each favorite pen leaves its beautiful mark on the world
Then sputters out,
Its essences spilt upon the page.
You could almost say he died of blood loss.
Blue blood loss.

Alas, my fingers, you knew him well
Knew his every curve, the soft rubber cushion
on his long cylindrical body
Knew the cool comfort of his plastic touch
And how your forms could come together,
Move in graceful, rocking tandem to create something beautiful.
You created the word and the word was good.

So beloved companions:
My fingers and my eyes,
Know this inescapable truth
Let it not come as a surprise
That we’re all disposable, replaceable
(Since everyone dies).
But for one small plastic, comfortable, colorful, smooth going, easy flowing, scribbling, scrawling, doodling, drawing, tantalizing, transcendental, tending towards perfect prose moment

we get to be that favorite pen.

Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay