magi-11 year old dystopian resident

silver robot looking at galaxy

My sister recently found an unfinished young-adult mecha scifi in our parents’ house. She insists it isn’t her writing, so it’s probably mine, but I don’t remember it. Maybe I do? I think I was in a creative writing course at a summer camp when I was 13, and our teacher told us to try writing the voice of someone much younger. To me, 11 years old was much younger. Typos are consistent with what was originally written. I think some of the mistakes were intentional to make my voice younger. The top of the paper is yellowed with dried cat pee. I can still smell it faintly.

The year is 2020. Earth is a junkyard. About 30 billion people over populate the world. We still live but not very well. Computers run the world. Most of the people here are about 70% artificial. No one dies any more. It’s a very unhappy place where people run around doing pointless things trying to verify their useless existence.

My name is magi. Today is my 11th birthday. I am very happy. People never think I’m 11. Most people think I’m much older.

I am very happy because today I have a feeling something very good will happen. Any way I was walking home from school on my birthday January 17. It’s a pretty great day. Cloudy but warm 70*. Global warming is a big problem. So it was a very nice day. I was going to my house. Well sort of. It was a room with a bed and a window and a closet and a kitchen. I don’t have any parent. I don’t know how I came into the world. But I am here so it doesn’t matter.

I walked up to the elevator and took it to level 126. I got off and went to my house. I lay on my bed with the good feeling in side of me.

Someone knocked on my door and I went to answer it. It was a man in a black suit.

“Magi?” he said

“That’s me. What do you want?” I replied

“Come with me” he said

Most of the time I question every thing but I didn’t ask him any thing. I didn’t think he would answer me. I garbed my jacket because it gets really cold at night a followed him.

We took the elevator down to the ground floor. I followed him to a black car. He opened the back door and I climbed in. he got in and sat down next to me on the black leather seat. The driver was also in a black suit and next to him was a woman in a black suit.
“Who are you guys and what do you want?” I asked.

“Magi, you are one of three people who has a meaning to there life” he said. “Let me introduce my self. I have no real name but you may call me A the other people are C and Sara.”

“Wow I feel really happy but just what is the purpose of my life?” I said in a sarcastic voice.

“You find out more then you want to. Trust me you will” A said.

“We’re here,” C said. I looked out my window. I couldn’t see any thing because the windows were tinted. The driver, C, came around and opened my door. Out side there was a tall building. I got out of the car and followed them. We went in to the building and took the elevator down. I’m not sure how long or how many floors. We got off. There was a big space and lots of computer and TV screens.

A woman walked over to me she had a kind face a bright green eyes.

“You must be Magi. Please come with me.” She turned and walked to a doorway. I went after her. She shut the door behind me.
“You must have a lot to ask let me tell you what’s going on. Then I’ll answer any questions you might have.”

I sat down on one of the chairs in the room. The lady walked up the platform behind her was a white screen for projecting images on to.

“My name is Karin, but please call me D. This organization was formed about 20 years ago. We have found all three people we need but we decided to start with you. We pick you because you are the youngest and possibly the most accepting.
The world is being over run by people who run around doing dumb things for no reasons. We want it to stop. We are sick of it and want to start everything over. There are also some people who don’t agree with us and want it to stay same as it always has been. We fight them but they have something we don’t. But we have it now. We each ere given three robots to fight for us. But each robot only has one person who can use it. They are the same as the robot. That’s the only way to describe really.
You are one of those people. You don’t have a choice. Sorry.”

“But it’s… um okay I’ll help. I want to. I just have one question left. Why am I one of them?” I said still not quite sure what was going one but I guessed I would figure it out soon.

“Because you are God” D told me

I am not sure what happened after that. All I remember is waking up in a strange place. I was very comfy. I opened my eyes a looked around I was standing hanging from something. It was odd because I felt light I was in some kind of liquid but I could breathe fine. I heard a voice from some where.

‘Magi… MAGI!!’

‘Yes I’m here.’

‘Your in one of the robots we need you to fight.’

‘Okay how do I run this thing?’

‘Just do it’

I could see I was I the middle of the city coming towards me was another robot. It was big and acquired looking. It didn’t look easy to move but it was runing really fast. Closer…closer. I tried to move it. It didn’t work. Then I tried just moving my arm. The arm of the robot moved too. It was odd like a part of my self. The other robot came down hard right on top of me. It hurt really bad. I didn’t have time to wonder. You to fight back. I got up. That stopped the other form punching in the face. I grabbed it and flung it in to a near by building. It was then I realized how large this thing was. I was as tall as most of the buildings.

The place where I had thrown the one guy was smashed in.