Russian Hot Pot

This appears to be one of the newest recipes from my dead mom’s recipe box. The paper is still white. The printing is still dark. Since my mother died in April of 1991, it can’t be any more recent than that. It’s Russian Hot Pot! This recipe has already been digitized in a blog called No Whey, Mama so I don’t have to type it out. This blogger says her mother probably clipped the recipe out of Woman’s Day, so I assume my mother did, too.
Magazine clipping for Russian Hot Pot
Two things intrigue me about this recipe.

  1.  The specification of using a Dutch oven. Not so common these days. My mother’s close friend, Gini tells me my mother had a heavy orange ceramic one.
  2. “Free time while dinner cooks: 30 min.” It assumes that the cook needs clues for managing his or her time. That cook is probably assumed to be a busy mother who needs to know whether she has enough time to perform another household or care-taking task before the family’s dinner burns.