Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancake

It’s another recipe from my dead mom’s recipe box. This one is for a “Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancake.” It’s clipped from a Land O Lakes butter box. The recipe calls for frozen spinach, but otherwise doesn’t seem too bad. I remember when I was a very young child that getting fresh vegetables out of season was unusual. That changed sometime during elementary school. Here’s a post at The Whole Bag of Chips from a food blogger who says the dish reminds her of her mother. I guess both our moms bought Land O Lakes Butter. Maybe it would remind me of my mother, except my mother died when I was so young.

Doubt it. This recipe seems a bit more involved than my mother’s usual style of cooking.
the recipe printed on one side of a Land O Lakes butter boxone side of a Land O Lakes box

Upon reading this entry, my family friend, Gini, says, “I don’t think she ever made the Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancakes. I confess, she and I did use Bisquick mix and I think she even tried some of the pancakes that came in waxed boxes like milk came and still comes in.”

I have a lot of fond memories of Bisquick pancakes. I think the first thing I learned how to cook was Bisquick pancakes.