My Referral Codes

If you’re interested in the same services that I use, either I or both of us should receive a kick-back. Transportation Lyft. Hey it’s less terrible than Uber. Beauty Industry UrbanWaxx Shopping Chinook Book: local coupons for sustainable businesses Looptworks: Upcycled bags and accessories Bouqs: Ethically-sourced flowers Amazon Prime

Easy and Very Easy Pastry Crusts

It’s another entry from my dead mom’s recipe book. This note card has a separate recipe for pastry crust on each side. The card is water damaged, but my will do my best to decipher my mother’s blurred handwriting. Pretty straightforward stuff. Pastry Crust (Easy) 2c unbleached flour 1/2t salt 1/2 t sugar 3/4c butter… Continue Reading Easy and Very Easy Pastry Crusts

Russian Hot Pot

This appears to be one of the newest recipes from my dead mom’s recipe box. The paper is still white. The printing is still dark. Since my mother died in April of 1991, it can’t be any more recent than that. It’s Russian Hot Pot! This recipe has already been digitized in a blog called… Continue Reading Russian Hot Pot

Perplexing Country Pizza

My dead mom’s recipe box is very full. She must have been collecting recipes before my sister and I were born. (I was born in 1984.) I don’t know if there’s any organization to it. None of the tabs are labeled. This entry is for “Country Pizza.” How is this a pizza? There’s no yeast.… Continue Reading Perplexing Country Pizza

Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancake

It’s another recipe from my dead mom’s recipe box. This one is for a “Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancake.” It’s clipped from a Land O Lakes butter box. The recipe calls for frozen spinach, but otherwise doesn’t seem too bad. I remember when I was a very young child that getting fresh vegetables out of… Continue Reading Ham n’ Spinach Puff Pancake

My Dead Mom’s Recipe Box

My first mother, Irene, my biological mother, died in 1991 a month before I turned seven. The last time I went back to my childhood home, my sister and I sorted through photographs and finally threw away her disintegrating old purse. I brought her recipe box back with me to Portland and will be digitizing… Continue Reading My Dead Mom’s Recipe Box

How I’m Surviving the Fires: A Product Guide

I have asthma, so the smoke billowing from the nearby Eagle Creek Fire (and others!) is very serious for me. I’m not leaving the house unless I really need to. Except that time yesterday when a neighbor said they had 6 pounds of free plums and I was on them like a colony of sugar… Continue Reading How I’m Surviving the Fires: A Product Guide