A Little Hint for Biking to Estacada

My partner and I have discovered a way to shave off a small section of 224 to bike on quiet streets and multi-use paths.

  1. Off 224, take SE River Mill Road west towards the river/River Mill Reservoir. (If you take River Mill Road east, you get to Eagle Creek Road, another way to bypass parts of 224 on the way to Estacada.)
  2. Go south on SE Kilowatt Lane. To get onto Kilowatt Lane, take a left at a sign that says River Mill Dam and go past the yellow gate. Don’t go down to the dam; there’s a locked gate down there.
  3. Instead, take a left onto the gravel path after the second yellow gate. The gravel path takes you into the pleasant Timber Park through the disc golf course.
  4. Follow the easy gravel path to a paved road. The paved road takes you to a spot called Estacada Portal.
  5. From Estacada Portal, get onto the paved multi-use path.
  6. The multi-use path goes behind the ranger station. You can also access this multi-use path by turning off 224 at the ranger station and going behind the ranger station at the north side. (The ranger station is a good place to get water if cyclists need refills. There’s a spigot out front.)
  7. The multi-use path meets up with a quiet neighborhood road called SW Lakeshore Drive that goes by the river. Much nicer views than the highway!
  8. Finally, go north on SW Beech Rd. You’re at the main drag of Estacada