Ed Is Dead

Part 1 of Ed's comic

My internet friend Ed Shimmy died yesterday.

Back in March, a friend shared a comic by Ed Shimmy about having pancreatic cancer. I had a 75% chance of having thyroid cancer and was waiting to hear results from the biopsy. Having what was likely stage 1 thyroid cancer was absolutely nothing like having late stage pancreatic cancer. If Ed could be brave, so could I.

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I was one of the lucky 25%. I did not have cancer. In gratitude, I became Ed’s first Patreon supporter. By then, he was too sick to do much work, but I had already gotten more than my money’s worth of hope from him. It was like casting a wishing coin into a fountain.

When surgeons removed Ed’s pancreas. I sent him a pancreas pillow from The Awkward Yeti. The pancreas made an appearance in Ed’s video updates.

Ed was a karaoke enthusiast. I’m sorry I was never able to share that experience with him. I’m going to sign Ed Is Dead at karaoke in his memory. Ed was 43.