Comic Sans Essay on Narratively

My essay on Comic Sans and my sister’s experience with dyslexia was republished on Narratively.

Both upon the publication in Narratively and in The Establishment, I got amazing responses from teachers/professors saying they were going to modify their uses of fonts to be more friendly to students with dyslexia, or that they were going to be more permissive in what fonts they would accept work in.

Not everyone wants to use Comic Sans and that’s ok! One professor said he would be switching to Arial. That’s great! I don’t love Comic Sans myself. I prefer Trebuchet (also recommended by the British Dyslexia Association, along with Arial). The point isn’t to force yourself to enthusiastically embrace something you don’t like; the point is to examine why you hate a font and ask yourself what harm you may be doing. Suspend judgement of others. That’s all.

I’ve also received a few responses telling me my sister should use fonts that are specifically meant to be dyslexia tools rather than Comic Sans. Don’t do this. My sister is a smart cookie who does her research. Did you read the essay? She’s perfectly aware that Open Dyslexic and Dyslexie exist. They just don’t work as well for her. They might be great for others. Don’t make her do more work to make you more comfortable. It’s not all about you. You’ll be ok.