Comic Sans Essay on Narratively

My essay on Comic Sans and my sister’s experience with dyslexia was republished on Narratively. Both upon the publication in Narratively and in The Establishment, I got amazing responses from teachers/professors saying they were going to modify their uses of fonts to be more friendly to students with dyslexia, or that they were going to… Continue Reading Comic Sans Essay on Narratively

A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles

My aunt has breast cancer and is in the final stage of her life. On the way down to see her in New Mexico, I read Lindy West’s Shrill. The memoir focuses on West’s path to becoming a famous humor writer, reflecting on her most famous and controversial essays. Her beloved father’s death from cancer… Continue Reading A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles

Profiting Off My Friends

I decided I wanted to┬ámake a quick buck off of recommending books that I like. I’ll most likely be recommending my friend’s books, so I’ll be profiting off the hard work of my loved ones. But does anyone need a GALLON of glue? Anyone? I’m required to say this somewhere. We are a participant in… Continue Reading Profiting Off My Friends

Brides of March and Kristen Schaal

Saturday was Brides of March. EVERY attendee dresses in a wedding dress and we marry public art. I won a dance contest by flailing around and howling like a monster. The prize was an airplane bottle Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. On our way to Momo’s, April saw a familiar woman. “Is that…?” she asked me.… Continue Reading Brides of March and Kristen Schaal